• Comparative Analysis of the Legal Concept of Title Rights in Real Estate and the Technology of Tokens: How Can Titles Become Tokens? 
Publisher: 2nd Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts (WTSC18), Curaçao, 2nd March 2018

  • The Concept of the Blockchain-Based Governing: Current Issues and General Vision 
Publisher: 17th European Conference on Digital Government (ECDG 2017)
Link: on Google books
Download: pdf

  • Policy Briefs on Good e-Governance. Issue #1: Legislative Aspects on E-Democracy in Ukraine
Publisher: EGAP Project in Ukraine, Funded by Swiss Government (SDC)
Download (Eng), (Ukr)

  • Real-time Method of Accurate Unique IPs Counting Across High Number of Distinct Dimensions and distinct Time Frames for Big Data Systems

PublisherElectronic Modeling, International Scientific-Theoretical Journal
Issue: Vol 38 No 3 (2016)

  • Advantages and Current Issues of Blockchain Use in Microgrids

Publisher: Electronic Modeling, international scientific-theoretical journal
Issue: Vol 38 No 2 (2016)

  • The Concept Of Paper Document Turnover Tax

Publisher: Electronic scientific journal "Efektyvna ekonomika" of the Dnipropetrovs’k State Agrarian University
№ 9, 2015

  • The Use of Blockchain Technology for the Development of Electronic Democracy and Electronic Governance

Publisher: Electronic scientific journal of the National University of "Ostroh Academy" Law Series
Issue: № 1(11), 2015


  • When Will Cryptocurrencies Destroy States? Link on

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Academic conferences (video)

  • Tokenization of Real Estate on the Blockchain 
Name: Workshop Smart Contracts
Date: 02 March 2018

Видео YouTube

  • How titles become tokens
Name: Workshop AICOL2017
Venue: Luxembourg
Date: 13 December 2017

  • Why are tokens not titles?
Name: Jurix207
Date: 13 December 2017

Видео YouTube

  • The Concept of the Blockchain-Based Governing: Current Issues and General Vision

Name: 17th European Conference on Digital Government (ECDG)
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
Publication: Proceedings of the conference, Jun. 2017, pp. 79-85
Download: pdf
Date: 12-13 June 2017

  • Blockchain in Public Administration
Name: VII  Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Complexity of Legal Systems/Jurix2016
Place: Nice, France
Publication: Proceedings of the conference. Dec, 2016
Date: 15-16 December 2016

  • The Use of the Blockchain Technology in E-Governance

Name: IV Annual National Scientific Conference "Glushkovski Readings"
Place: Kiev, Ukraine
Publication: Proceedings of the conference. Dec, 2015, p. 79-80
Download: pdf
Date: 02 December 2015

  • Implementation of blockchain technologies in e-democracy and e-governance

Name:  The Annual Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation 'INFORMATION SOCIETY DAYS 2015' in The National Academy For Public Administration Under The President of Ukraine
Place: Kiev, Ukraine
Date: 19-20 May 2015Download: (p. 5)

Public conferences

  • Best Practices of e-Petitions
Name: Public Discussions on E-Petitions with the Deputy Head of Administration of the President of Ukraine and the Parliamentarians
Place: Kiev, Ukraine
Presentation: link
Date: 26 April 2015

  •  Implementation of blockchain technologies in e-democracy and e-governance
Name: Bitconference Kiev 2015
24 September 2015
Post Release:

  • project decentralized e-democracy on blockchain: e-voting for communities and counsels

Name: Bitconference Kiev 2016
 23 September 2016
Web site:


About e-Democracy and Blockchain (In Russian)

About tokenization of real estate (In Russian)

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